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This is Old Fools outlet for kilts and other unbifurcated garments for men or women. It is not for furthering cross dressing or costuming. It is for the furthering of alternate apparel for men and sometimes will discuss bifurcated (trousers, pants, etc.) garments as well. Since women can and do wear anything they want little will be said about womens clothing. That is not to say that nothing will be said about them. If men want to dress and look like a woman that is fine with me and some do it very well. Here, however, the intent is about men that want alternate mens clothing. The Old Fool (me) is not an expert in this field but he sews, has made several kilts, modified store bought kilts and wears them. I also wear sarongs, pareu, lava lava and anything else that is comfortable and practical. Some of my kilts might be called skirts but I am comfortable with that.

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So I said to the boys "hello girls".
"We're not girls" they replied.
I said "you're dressed like girls".
They immediately pointed out that I was the one wearing a skirt. I had on a kilt.
I then asked "when was the last time you saw a female in anything but pants?"

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Old Fools Kilts: Kilted Old Man in the Garden

or  Is that a topless fat bearded old lady out there?

This my home grown polyester camo work kilt. It is worn almost daily. It is a good thing it is wash and wear.

The shoulder bag is twenty-five cent canvas bag I picked up at the Thrift Store.  It carries all the small garden tools that I use everyday. I wear it most often like a messenger bag.

Blogger has gone stupid on me and I'm not going to waste one second trying to fix something that is being fixed everyday by so called geniuses. To me it is broken and it is easier to move elsewhere than fix it.

I figured out who went stupid and it was not You Tube. My apologies to You Tube for shooting my mouth off, or in this case my keyboard off, before finishing the editing process. I am looking forward to the day when my PC can determine that I am being an idiot and heads me off.

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