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This is Old Fools outlet for kilts and other unbifurcated garments for men or women. It is not for furthering cross dressing or costuming. It is for the furthering of alternate apparel for men and sometimes will discuss bifurcated (trousers, pants, etc.) garments as well. Since women can and do wear anything they want little will be said about womens clothing. That is not to say that nothing will be said about them. If men want to dress and look like a woman that is fine with me and some do it very well. Here, however, the intent is about men that want alternate mens clothing. The Old Fool (me) is not an expert in this field but he sews, has made several kilts, modified store bought kilts and wears them. I also wear sarongs, pareu, lava lava and anything else that is comfortable and practical. Some of my kilts might be called skirts but I am comfortable with that.

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So I said to the boys "hello girls".
"We're not girls" they replied.
I said "you're dressed like girls".
They immediately pointed out that I was the one wearing a skirt. I had on a kilt.
I then asked "when was the last time you saw a female in anything but pants?"

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Old Fools Kilts: Adventures in Kilting or If you think I look feminine then you need your eyes checked

As you can see by the statement of intent that I intend to discuss my adventures in Kilts and other alternate clothing for men. We are born naked and that is fine for a while but then it sometimes becomes more appropriate to wear a covering (clothes) of some kind. I prefer naked but sometimes I need pockets, sometimes it is cold and sometimes other people are incensed by skin (seems strange to me since we all have one). Clothes are a deception. It is hard to take a naked person seriously. Imagine a naked congressman or general.

The photo at the top is the Old Fool in the latest acquisition. It is the cheapest kilt on the market at $28.95 plus very fast shipping of $9.00. It is from Stillwater Kilts in Minnesota and is called "the Thrifty Kilt". It looks traditional and is styled as such but it is made of acrylic. Acrylic is not my favorite fabric but it is cheap and it is wash and wear. Acrylic burns and melts easily. They are made in Pakistan and very light. Just right for my climate.

For myself I buy them a little large then sew down the pleats to my specifications, hem to the correct length and add a pocket. I have an everyday sporran but I don't care for them. For those that don't know a sporran is a purse but then so is a fanny bag, briefcase or a hand carried backpack. Somehow the word purse has taken on gender but when I was young my grandfather carried his money in a purse in his pocket and purse is what he called it.

I have two of these kilts now both modified. The first is starting to show wear but it has a lot of life left.

Soon I'll post the makeshift quick pockets I made.

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  1. Very nice, Old Fool! I look forward to your many kilt discussions on this blog!