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This is Old Fools outlet for kilts and other unbifurcated garments for men or women. It is not for furthering cross dressing or costuming. It is for the furthering of alternate apparel for men and sometimes will discuss bifurcated (trousers, pants, etc.) garments as well. Since women can and do wear anything they want little will be said about womens clothing. That is not to say that nothing will be said about them. If men want to dress and look like a woman that is fine with me and some do it very well. Here, however, the intent is about men that want alternate mens clothing. The Old Fool (me) is not an expert in this field but he sews, has made several kilts, modified store bought kilts and wears them. I also wear sarongs, pareu, lava lava and anything else that is comfortable and practical. Some of my kilts might be called skirts but I am comfortable with that.

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So I said to the boys "hello girls".
"We're not girls" they replied.
I said "you're dressed like girls".
They immediately pointed out that I was the one wearing a skirt. I had on a kilt.
I then asked "when was the last time you saw a female in anything but pants?"

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Old Fools Kilts: My First Homemade Kilt or Originally all clothes were home made

Until I made this I had never owned a I kilt. Some would say that after I made I it still did not have a kilt but those critics have standards set to high for us white trash so they can blow it out their blow hole.

I have worn a pareu, many sarongs and a variety of towels. Back in the 70's I had a special towel that was thin, about 20 inches wide and long enough to go around my waist and fasten. It was light enough fabric that I could tie it around my head for a sweat band.
Idiot bathing. That would be "Captain Idiot" since I owned the boat that got us here.

I have this picture of the "Grand Capitan" bathing with said towel around his head on Santa Cruz Island off the coast of California. I am in a rock basin that is slightly warmer than the ice cold water in that waterfall. This was not my first bath there nor my last and I would like to do it at least one more time.

It seemed OK and acceptable to wear nothing but this towel around the boat and on the beach whereas the colorful Pareu I had on the boat would have raised eyebrows. But then I am confused about why men will not wear socks of any color but white, blue, grey or black.

It never occurred to me to wear a kilt. In those days in Southern California it would not have raise an eyebrow.

The pictured fabric is a good quality light weight woven shirt flannel and is exactly what I was told to not use to make a kilt. I read all the warnings then went ahead and did it anyway because I like the feel of the material. Flannel has such a comforting feel.This kilt was made by ear that is without any plan. It has a full outer apron but because of not enough material the under apron is smaller. There are only four five inch box pleats in the back. Every short cut was taken in making this so as to at least fool an unknowing person into believing it is a kilt. I guess that was successful as one of my grandsons girlfriends called it a kilt without prompting.

I added a utility pocket hanging from the belt line on the right side.

It has a front apron and pleats in the back so it meets my description of a kilt.

I learned a lot from this project. Things like how to operate my machine, flannel doesn't sew like other material and it is better to work carefully than to have to rip out a seam and do it over. I learned not to put my fingers in that part of the machine that is going up and down. It is wise to start with enough material and do not try to sew the 'glue on' velcro.

It became apparent to me that I am a short fucker. my waist to knee measurement is only 19 inches. Here I thought I was tall and imposing. What a let down. I would fit right in with the seven dwarfs. The upside of this is it does not take a lot of material to make me a kilt.

Would I make another flannel kilt? I did and it is nicer and the workmanship is better but not one bit more comfortable. I'll feature it one day as I wear it a lot. This one was my first and I am attached to it. I was more attached to it but I ripped those stitches out. It is comfortable and I am wearing it as I write this.

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